Bosch GCM12SD Review – It is a 12 ich dual Bevel Glide Miter Saw which features a easy smooth cutting motion, precise performance and a compact design because of Special Axial Glide System. It has Pre aligned Squarelock fences that helps in getting the accurate precision for a very long time. It also has a soft grip ambidextrous handle and also has a vacuum adaptor and dust chute which gives you a much comfort. The cutting capacity of Bosch GCM12SD is very large and bevel is very easy to read. Miter scales with detents at common angles and controls are placed at upfront which is very easy to access.

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Pros Cons
  • Its build quality is very good. If just consider quality, you can see it is way much better than other similar miter saw. Even though it is not the best miter saw available, but definitely a very reliable. Its very trustworthy and quality miter saw.
  • Bosch GCM12SD Saw is a very versatile machine. You can use it for various type of work and project and its all in one tool so you dont need to buy other tools and save money on it.
  • The Square lock feature is a great feature that comes with this saw. Many other similar saw doesn’t have good fence system and sliding components. But this one has great suare lock fence and it works great.
  • Very Easy to use
  • It is little heavy. It weighs around 88 pounds. If you don’t like heavy miter saw then this is not for you. The weight is not that much but still can be little nuance when moving it.
  • This Saw is required Assembly and can be a little pain to you if you don’t have much experience in miter saws. Some people have also complained that it is very difficult to use. But not to worry as Bosch Support is great and they can help you in any issues.

Final Verdict:

Bosch GCM12SD has the largest capacity in sliding miter saw category from Bosch. Its very powerful and can cut the biggest timber easily, accurately and delicately. It is built to be used by professionals and for domestic and casual users it can be more than enough for doing their work. Bosch GCM12SD is not only a power saw but also accurate cutting saw. It can cut the wood in perfect angle and you will be always satisfied with your work. It can save a lot of time and If you have a big project then this is the perfect saw for you.

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