In this article we did the in depth review of DEWALT DWS779 12″ Sliding Compound Miter Saw. It is equipped with a very powerful 15 amp motor which delivers a 3800 RPM of extended power and it is very durable. It has an excellent economical Dust assortment system that captures over seventy five percent of dust generated.  It also comes with a unique special back fence deign which is able to  cut the lumbers at various length and angles easily.  Its integrated CUTLINE Blade Positioning System allows for adjustment free cut line indication and hence you get more accuracy and clear visibility.Here we will look at the Pros and Cons of DEWALT DWS779 and some other important features which will help you in choosing the best Miter Saw.

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Pros Cons
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  • Its 15 Amp motor is very powerful and is able to deliver up to 3800 RPM and is designed to give constant power and last for long time.
  • Dust Collection is very efficient.
  • DEWALT DW789 is calibrated to make precise cuts straight from the start. It makes accurate straight and bevel cuts. The standard blade is very good and is sufficient for doing basic woodworking and carpentry and should last for very long time.
  • Comes with a Limited Warranty of 3 Year and 90 days return policy.


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  • Some users have reported that the Belt drive has a tendency of kick when you start the Miter Saw.
  • It has No Laser Guide System. So if you like to work with Saw which has laser system, then this might be not suitable for you. But Still you can get same accuracy and its also less Pricey.
  • The Dust Collector comes with rubber funnel, So it may sometimes collapse and can block the dust hole.


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Top DEWALT DWS779 FAQ and Answers

Q – Does this Saw is equipped with LED Cut line?

A – LED cut line is not included with DEWALT DWS779.

Q – DWS779 VS DWS780?

A – One of the major difference between DWS779 and DWS80 is the price factor. DWS780 is more costly then DWS789. So what is the difference? Nearly All features are same except that DWS780 has Laser guided blade. However personally I like to work without laser guided system , and DWS779 is also cheaper.

If you need a laser guided blade then go for DWS780 or else go for DWS779.

Q – What blade size does this saw use: 5/8 or 1 inch?

A – The Arbor is of 5/8 inches and the adapter which comes with it can be 5/8 inches or 1 inches.

Q – Can you predict how much cut depth will be?

A – Definitely you can predict. This saw has a depth stop feature which you can alter to get your deisrable depth cut. You have to do little trial and error to achieve your desired result.

Q – Where it is manufactured?

A – Most of the Saw is manufactured in China.

Q – When you buy this Saw with Stand, Does it also include Clamps?

A – Yes, Clamps are included in the package.

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Final Verdict:

The Dewalt DWS779 is one of the most popular and Most reviewed Miter Saw. This Saw is best for the both Casual or Professionals. If you are New to Woodworking, you can also use DWS779 and its easy to use and learn. Its very Durable, versatile and gives high performance. Its also most highly rated miter saw in Amazon.

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