Do you want to make Bevel Cuts On A Table Saw, Then read this guide. We have given a complete step by step details on how to make bevel cuts on a Table Saw. So lets check it out.

Most woodworker makes two type of cuts and one of them is bevel cut. Bevel changes the angle of the board edge which is different from miter where cut is being made across the board face.  Bevel cut is made to make the plywood or board on their end or along their length so that they can be joined and they will be able to make geometrical shapes. It is also used for making aesthetic design. Its very difficult to do a bevel cut using hald tools as it is not precise. You can use power tool such as miter saw, table saw etc for making a bevel cut.

How To Make Bevel Cuts On A Table Saw

Step 1

Take a table saw and use it to Bevel a board along its length. Many table saw bevel angles can be adjusted.

Step 2

Use the adjustment tool to change the bevel angle which you need. This tool is situated at front of the table saw and adjust the arrow on it till you get the desired angle. Many a times bevel angle from the tool is not accurate, So its always better to recheck the angle using protector. Make sure that Switch off the best table saw while doing this process for safety purpose.

Step 3

Now you need to set the fence. Adjust the fence in such a way that saw blade tilts away from the fence.

Step 4

Now take the measurement of the width of the cut from the blade maximum side to the fence. Now hook the saw and switch on the blade.  Now push the board 75% all the way using your hand and then use the push stick to push it for to complete it.

Step 5

Now loose the angle adjustment nut on table saw and then adjust the arrow till you get your angle. Now tighten the nut. Now stick the board against the fence of table saw and align it in such a way so that it aligns with cut line of saw.

Step 6

Now please switch on the table saw for cutting, You can do this by lowering the blade or radial blade depending on the type of saw you are using.

Step 7

You can now use the tool for cutting the bevel cut.

Step 8

Attach the plank to some workbench with the border to become beveled facing . Contain on the tool at the same end of this plank and turn it onpress against the plank border and proceed it toward the opposite end. Proceed the tool at the direction which enables the little to bite in the timber as it matches.

Things You May Require

Dining Table Watched
Compound miter saw
Radial arm saw
Rotary or multipurpose tool
Chamfer Little


You May Also change the Knife angle onto a circular saw to cut on a Racket.

The cut isn’t any more difficult to produce compared to the usual square cut, however it’s not going to be as accurate as the one created by a static instrument.


Do not attempt to extort the ends of sturdy planks by routing them. Routing pieces bite into processor and end fish the timber.