Makita LS1018 Review – The Makita LS1018 10” Dual Slide Compound Miter Saw has a very large capacity and is very accurate from the start without need of any adjustments. It can give you the best cutting performance for all of your work and is also very light weigh as it weighs only 43.7 lbs and hence is very portable. You can do the job like crown molding and cutting baseboards very fast and quickly. It can also cut the 4×4 dimensional lumber sin one single move, It is powered by a powerful 13 Amp direct drive motor with soft start, The soft start means that the start up is very smooth and you get the consistent power and also you don’t face any issue of belt slip or replace. It is equipped with electric brake which gives you a peace of mind. Makita LS1018 can do the most difficult task and at same time do it very fast and hence your production will be very high.

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Pros Cons
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  • Its very easy to assemble and adjust. You just need to do little adjustment for fence and angle and you are ready to go with this miter saw.
  • It gives very accurate and smooth cuts. It always gives a professional level cuts.
  • Zero machine replacements costs.
  • Commands a 13-amp motor power and provides 4300 RPM.
  • You can bring it easily to your workplace since its very portable.


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  • The warranty is only for a year.
  • Fence is awkward. That means the saw is going to be easier to use for those who are left handed.


Top Makita LS1018 Question and Answers

Q – My Work Bench is only 30″. SO I want to know the max dimension from the front of the base to rear of slides?

A – Hello, Its a very good Saw. the max dimension from the front of the base to rear of slides is 32″. And also the handle and the saw guide add another 9 inches to the front when you do the cross cut of 90 degree.

Q – Ahbor blade can take what size?

A – 5/8 inches.

Q – What is the box size as I will need it to take from place to place.

A – About 3’x3’x3′ square box.

Q – This saw can cut upto what stock height?

A – ax Cutting Depth: 1-1/4 x 8-1/2 inches at 45 degrees, 3-5/8 x 12 inches at 90 degrees


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Final Verdict:

Makita LS1018 is one of the best compact miter saw available and it can do any job with the highest performance results. You just need to adjust the angle and fence and its ready to go. This saw gives a smooth cut and blade is made up of very good quality. It is very accurate, powerful and light weight saw. It can be transported to anyplace easily and is good enough for most woodworking and carpeting jobs. If you are looking for a compact miter saw then Makita LS1018 is for you. You can check our best saw reviews for more information. You can also read our review of DEWALT DW780 in our website.

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