Here is the list of Best Telescopes For Hobbyist that you can buy today. Sometimes it might be difficult to find a good telescope for hobbyists, But now your choice will become easy after reading this article. A hobbyist will need a special type of telescope and we have made a list of it. So let’s have a look at it.

Best Telescopes For Hobbyist

Name Aperture(mm) focal ratio Price
Celestron Advanced VX 8in Telescope 203.2 f/10 Check Price Here
Levenhuk SkyMatic 135 GTA Telescope 130 f/5 Check Price Here
Orion SkyQuest XT8i Telescope 203 f/5.9 Check Price Here
Celestron SkyProdigy 130 Telescope 130 f/5 Check Price Here

Let’s have a look at some of the Best Telescopes For Hobbyist that you can buy.

1. Celestron Advanced VX 8in Telescope

Celestron Advanced VX 8in TelescopeThe Celestron Advanced VX 8in Schmidt-Cassegrain is considered one of the iconic and best telescopes from Celestron. It has upgraded StarBright XLT coatings that help in maximum light transmission. And hen it is combined with Advanced VX mount feature, you will be able to do both visual observing and imaging. The Advanced VX mount is specially designed so that it gives the best imaging performance or compact telescopes. It also comes with All-Star Polar Alignment and autoguider support. The permanently programmable periodic error correction helps you in tracking through long exposures. You can very easily imagine the best part of the night sky. Its motors are improved and give more torque so that it can combat slight load imbalances easily and without disturbing your ultimate experience. It has 84% more light gathering than a 6-inch telescope.

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Pros Cons
  • 8 inch f/10.
  • Captures 84% more light than a 6-inch telescope.
  • 6×30 optical finderscope.
  • Permanently programmable Periodic Error Correction.
  • Autoguider port for long exposure imaging.
  • Some users have reported that handset’s readout does not respond quickly at lower temperatures.

2. Levenhuk SkyMatic 135 GTA Telescope

Best Telescopes For Hobbyist The next one on our list is SkyMatic 135 GTA from Levenhuk. Levenhuk is known for producing Best Telescopes For Hobbyist and its a very renowned name in telescope world. It is durable and made up of very high-quality material and also very simple to use. It is somewhat heavy compared to other telescopes and may require some effort to move it around but it definitely worth it. It features 130mm objective lens diameter. It can magnify up to 260 times. Its focal length is 650 mm and has a focal ratio of f/5. It is a Newtonian Reflector type telescope and its length is of paraboloid lens type. It has a fully multi-coated lens for more improved image quality and gets the best image results. It also comes with more than 40 thousand space objects which you can automatically align to watch them. Overall highly recommended.

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Pros Cons
  • Computerized reflecting telescope.
  • Objective lens diameter: 130 mm.
  • Focal length: 650 mm.
  • the focal ratio of f/5.
  • magnify up to 260 times.
  • Some users have reported on loose focus knob.

3. Orion 10018 SkyQuest XT8i IntelliScope Dobsonian TelescopeOrion 10018 SkyQuest XT8i IntelliScope Dobsonian Telescope

The next one on our list is SkyQuest XT8i from Orion. Orion is famously known for making Best Telescopes For Hobbyists and is renowned or its high-quality telescopes. It comes with a Large Dobsonian reflector with 8″ aperture which helps in seeing the faintest object in the sky such as nebula and other galaxies and you also get a very excellent view of other planets and moons. Its focal length is 1200mm and has a focal ratio of f/5.9. Magnification power goes from 29x to 300x. It is very easy to find faint deep sky objects with the help of IntelliScope Computerized Object Locator and has more than 14 thousand objects in its database and you can use it to watch them right away. It is erectly balanced for easy point-and-view use. The Crayford focuser is very precise which allows you to use larger format 2″ telescope eyepieces. You can see Andromeda galaxy with it and the view is just awesome. It runs on a 9-Volt battery. Assembly is a little difficult but overall very good telescope.

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Pros Cons
  • focal length is 1200mm, focal ratio of f/5.9.
  • 8″ aperture .
  • 14,000 objects in its database.
  • ultra-stable Dobsonian telescope base.
  • precise Crayford focuser.
  • Assembly is somewhat difficult.

4. Celestron SkyProdigy 130 Telescope

Celestron SkyProdigy 130 TelescopeLast one in our list is SkyProdigy 130 from Celestron. Celestron is renowned or its Best Telescopes For Hobbyist. It is very easy to install and can be set up fast without requiring any tools. It comes with accessory tray and stainless steel tripod. It is made from high-quality material and is very durable. The diameter of the objective lens is 130mm and its magnification power range is from 19x to 307x. It has 345 times more light-gathering power than the human naked eye. The Sky Battery Pack Provides over 30 Hours of Power. Its Database Allows Telescope to Automatically Locate Over 4,000 Celestial Objects and Proprietary Star Sense Technology Provides a Completely Automatic Alignment Process without any outside assistance. Its focal length is 650mm and a focal ratio of 5.

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Pros Cons
  • The magnification power range is from 19x to 307x.
  • 30 Hours of Power.
  • the focal length is 650mm and a focal ratio of 5.
  • Fully Automatic Alignment Procedure.
  • Fully Computerized Altazimuth Mount.
  • Some users have faced electronics issues.


We have listed above the 4 best telescopes or hobbyist and they are the ones which are best in their category and have very high user ratings. We hope that this article has helped you in narrowing down your choices. Please do comment or any questions and we will be happy to answer you.

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