Bosch CM10GD Review – Bosch CM10GD is a 10 inch Dual Bevel Glide miter saw which is built to provide more power and versatility. Its design is very compact and it comes with the advanced Axial Glide System which helps in getting a smooth cutting control in up to ten inches less space than other similar miter saws. Its compact design means that you can work with this in very small areas like hallways etc. Its motor is very powerful and can deliver 4800 no load rpm easily.  Its range selector and bevel lock level which is made of complete metal is placed at the upfront on this unit so  that you can get quick and easy bevel settings and you also don’t need to go around behind the saw.

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Pros Cons
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  • Its Advanced Axial Glide System can deliver durable and accurate precision for a long time. Its compact design enables you to work in very small places.
  • It has a large and very easy to read miter and bevel scales that help you in getting accurate, fast and easy adjustments.
  • Its trigger handle is very comfortable and has a ergonomic ambidextrous design and provide great comfort to you.
  • This Saw delivers 4,800 no load rpm with outstanding cut capacity.


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  • No laser.
  • No extensions.
  • No soft start motor


Top Bosch CM10GD FAQ and Answer

Q – What is the maximum board thickness this saw may easily cut? This specification is shown nowhere for some reason

A – Its Expanded cut capacity is 12 inches horizontal, vertical capacity – 5-1/2 in.,crown capacity against the fence (45° spring) – 6 inches. You can also check the instructions on cutting on page 33 of instruction manual.

Q – In my home I have flip top cart and its width is 24 inch, My question is this saw can fit into it.

A – Hello, I assume that you are talking about the width of the flip top cart. Please note that this saw is little bit heavy and we suggets you to consider it and use something that can support this weight.

Q – What is the separation from the fence to the tip of the handle which pivots the saw?

A – Much obliged to you for your inquiry. The CM10GD has 16 inch distance from the fence to the front angle handle. In the event that you have additionally addresses please don’t hesitate to contact our Bosch Customer Service Representatives at 1-877-BOSCH-99 (1-877-267-2499)
Question: What is the distance from the fence to the tip of the handle which rotates the saw?

Q – What are the dimensions for this saw?

A – 26.5″W x 32″D x 27″H.

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Final Verdict:

Bosch CM10GD is a very good miter saw with a powerful motor which can deliver a speed of up to 4800 RPM. Its design is compact and deliver constant power. The dust collection system is very good and also you get precise cutting every time. We definitely Recommend it. If you want to learn more about Best Miter saws then visit this link. Check our review of DEWALT DWS779. Thanks for Reading.

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