Choosing the Best Electrician’s Tool Belt sometimes can be very hard as it depends on many factors such as price, work, quality, preference and many more. You need to look at factors such as material used, size, seam, rivet, buckle adjustment, comfort-ability, safety etc while selecting the best electrician’s tool belt. You can overlook some of the factors based on your liking or preference. There are many tool belts available in the market which boast that have all the quality and factors needed to be the best electrician tool belt.

In this article we will give you Tips on how to choose a good tool belt and what things you need to consider when buying a one which will be good investment for your money and at same time will give you comfort and make your job easier. So Lets checkout our Tips.

Nylon Tool Belts/Bags

If you are searching for electrician tool belt, You will see that many of the tool belts are made from nylon and they are infact quite handy also. So what makes nylon tool belt different?

These tool belt are very light, and provide you very high comfort when compared to leather belts. They are good for back and overall good for your healthy postures. If you have a history of back problem, Then we recommend that you go for nylon electrician’s tool belt. While many think that nylon tool belt will wear and cannot be used for long time, But this is a false assumption. You should go for high quality costly nylon electrician tool belt, which are not only lighter but also last a long time.

So when you decide that you are going for a nylon belt, Please make sure that material is very strong, durable and rigid and is of good quality to withstand any wear or tear. Double stitch nylon belt are more strong and we advise you to go for it. Also check how many added customisation you will get with iy like handles, suspender loop, tape holder etc.

Leather Tool Belt

First of all please note that all leather tool belts are not same, They might look similar but each one is vastly different. Mainly there are three type of leather tool belt which are available in the market. Lets have a look at them:

  1. Soft Leather Tool Belts
    This type of tool belt are less costly which make you want to buy them. For simple DIY work or for small home job, You can go for it, But for expert field work, this soft leather tool belt is not recommended. It can be safety hazard and will tear easily. They mostly last only for a year and hence not a good investment for long term.
  2. Two Ply or Bonded Leather
    Second type of leather belt will be either two ply or boded leather tool belt. There are better than the soft leather tool belt but are not very durable. Main issue is that they are not tough and the sewing part can wear in time when you work with heavy tools.
  3. Thick/Pliable/Saddle Leather
    For heavy work we recommend you go for this type of leather electrician tool belt.  They come with more customisation option and has no weak links and is made of very durable and tough leather material. They can be expensive and but can last for a decade. These are heavier than other but they come with suspender option which gives you much comfort and support.

We hope that these tips helped you in choosing the best electrician tool belt.  Please do comment for any queries and suggestion and we will be happy to answer you.

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