Read here complete review of Kenmore 65132 Electric Dryer. Check Pros and Cons, Features, Specifications and Prices here. It has capacity of 7.0 cubic foot which enables it to take almost any sized load. It has a basic design and features easy and simple mechanical controls. It doesn’t have great style or sophistication but its drying power is very good and can wash many clothes. It is affordably priced especially when you consider how good it performs.  Its old fashioned traditional interface means it can be little difficult to operate at times too Still, it’s hard to find a dryer this powerful at any price let alone one this affordable.


Kenmore 65132 Review

Its a all white dryer and the only eye catching thing on it is  the Kenmore dryer’s back-mounted control panel.  It measures 43 inches tall by 29 inches wide and 28 inches deep and is a compact dryer and offers 7 cubic foot capacity. It has four dials on it and has no display screen. From left to right, the first knob allows you to set  cycle temperature according to fabric type; Low (delicates), Medium (casual), High (cotton). Next is the main control, the cycle knob, which selects whether the dryer operates automatically using its moisture sensors, dries by timer, or just runs cool air through the drum.

Kenmore 65132 Dryer is specially designed to make your laundry day easy and simple. It uses 2 moisture sensors and a a temperature sensor which enables it to adjust the dry cycle base on condition, so you get a dry clothes every-time without any damages to fabrics. It features a wrinkle guard that helps in giving a quick toss which stops any set in wrinkles for up to 1 and half hours after drying. Its 30 minutes tumble cycle doesn’t use any extra heat, yet still can dry clothes faster than the traditional ones. It comes with a drop-down door which helps n sorting laundry in and out easily. Please note that Kenmore 65132 requires 240V grounded 30 AMP electrical service/outlet within 3-feet of dryer location.

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Kenmore 65132 Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
  • Simple to use control.
  • less weight.
  • Affordable price.
  • Wrinkle Guard.
  • SmartDry Plus technology.
  • basic design and boring exterior.

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