If you work with Chainsaws regularly then you will notice that it will become loose after sometime. Then you will wonder How Tight Should a Chainsaw Chain Be before you adjust it. You should adjust the chainsaw and tighten it regularly as the loose chain can fall off and can cause you injury. So you should tighten it or safety reason as well.

So how to determine when to tighten the chainsaw. The best way to see if it has the proper tension is to simply pull the chain and check how it is reacting. If it is loose enough to be pulled up easily but it is tight enough that it stays and engage in the bar hose, Then the chainsaw need not be tighten. But if you pull the chain and see its very tight or when you use the chainsaw and it disengages the drive links. Then you need to tighten the chainsaw or loosen it. You need to adjust the tension in such a way that it achieve the proper tension. Please take all the safety precauton before doing this test.

We hope that this article helped you. You can also check best chainsaw sharpeners.

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